Bring your business online for a fraction of the cost.

Join our Done With You Web Design program and bring your business (or idea) online for a fraction of the cost of full service web design (which we also offer). 

 We recommend all clients who aren’t ready to hand over $3,000-$5,000 for a full service web launch to give it a try on their own through our Done With You Web Design program. 

Everything you need to launch online.

Done-With-You means that you get the resources, support, and access that you need for a successful launch.

DWY Web Design has over ten hours of video content, access to a slack community, and twice a week zoom calls to make sure that you have what you need to launch online.

No Code Development

Gone are the days of needing to know computer programming to launch online. DWY Web Design teaches you how to build and launch a NO-CODE Website. 

Payment Processors

Payments are something that just need to work. DWY Web Design will walk you through setting up Paypal, Stripe, Debit/Credit Cards, and more! 

Mobile App

Learn how to convert your website into a mobile app that is available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

Email Marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard this already but YOU HAVE TO OWN YOUR LIST! DWY Web Design will teach you how to build your list, and start marketing to them! 

Brand Discovery

Learn how to find the color pallete, fonts, and images that fit your brand vision then bring them all together for launch.

Speed Optimization

No one likes a slow website (search engines hate them). Done-With-You Web Design will teach you how to optimize your site for speed and performance.   

Web Hosting

Your website needs a home (and address). DWY Web Design will teach you about Web Hosting and help you make sure that your web page has a home (hosting) and address (domain).

Instagram Shop

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. Learn how to connect your online store to Instagram and capitalize on this massive audience.

Become an expert, don’t overpay for one.

Web Design Freelancers and Agencies are expensive (I know, I am one) that’s why I created the Done With You Web Design Program to support small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to save money without cutting corners and sacrificing quality. 

Learn by Doing

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Join for the content.

Stay for the community.

The Done With You learning model gives you access to self-paced program material along with access* to my private slack channel for community support.

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*Your first 60 days of access to the Slack community are included in the DWY Program.
After 60 days pay $9.99/month for access.  

Meet your guide

With over 3 years of Web Design and Development experience, nearly two-decades of experience growing and marketing businesses, I am sharing everything that I’ve learned to help you LAUNCH! 

I started my Web Design Company in early 2019 with the goal of making high quality websites accessible to small business owners and non-profit organizations. As I started to scale rapidly I began to realize that a lot of new business owners could not afford my $3k-$5k price tag. Fast forward to today and DWY Web Design allows me to continue to serve the people and causes that I care about at a lower and more accessible price-point than ever.

Brennan Decker

Founder & Educator,  DWY Web Design

My e-commerce site took my sales out of my DM’s to over six-figures!”

Before he became CEO of OG Walker Products, Germaine was selling his line of hair products through his direct messages on Instagram. His e-commerce website has automated the sales process and empowered him to scale the OG Walker brand to well over six-figures in annual revenue. 

Germaine “OG” Walker 

Barber / CEO of OG Walker Products


DWY Web Design was built with you in mind.  

If you don’t see your questioned listed here please contact me and we will find your answer.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. The program cost is separate from the cost of the web hosting and theme/ no code builder that we use.

Expect to pay $4-$9/month for web hosting and ~$99/year for the theme/builder.  

How long do I get support for?

Each program includes one month of weekly LIVE zoom calls (yes, they’re recorded and available to replay) as well as 60 days of access to the Slack group and one year of access to the digital content.

Do you help me find products to sell online?

No. The Done With You Program is intended to support business owners and entrepreneurs in bringing their brand to life online. Our students are most successful if they join AFTER THEY HAVE THE PRODUCT. 

Do you offer Refunds?

We do not offer refunds. Our goal is 100% client success and satisfaction and we understand that Web Design might not be for everyone. If you invest in the course and decide that it is not for you (for any reason) we will gladly credit your purchase price towards a full service web design package (we build and launch your site for you).

Do you help me launch an App on the Apple or Google Play store?

We do not currently have an app building program but it is something that we are planning to launch in the future.

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